the fake video of the Perseverance robot


A desolate landscape, made of stones and orange earth, traversed over more than 180 degrees by a rotating camera. These impressive images were seen more than five million times last Friday on social networks, and in particular on Twitter. And for good reason: the accounts that shared them ensured that they were the first images captured by the Perseverance robot, which arrived on the planet Mars the night before.

Some, including journalists who, realizing their blunder, now have almost all deleted their tweets, even praised the quality of the images, but also the sound, since this new American mission on the red planet is one of the few to have carried a microphone.

Problem: Friday, the rover freshly landed on Martian soil had yet transmitted only a few low-quality pictures. However, the images in question do indeed come from the red planet. But these were taken by another robot, named Curiosity, sent in 2012. To be convinced, just wait for the last second of the video: its name appears at the bottom left of the images.

It is not, moreover, a film as such, but a succession of 1000 photos in very high resolution – nearly 2 billion pixels – taken between November 24 and December 1, 2019. Quant to the sound we hear, it was added to the edit, Curiosity not being equipped with a microphone. This will therefore be the case, on the other hand, with the Perseverance mission, whose “supercam”, produced by a Toulouse team, will also make it possible, thanks to a laser, to analyze the Martian rock.

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