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The minutes following a traffic accident are crucial: whatever the dynamics, number or type of vehicles involved, every aspect of the scene must be documented as quickly and accurately as possible. iCam3D, a device with which the scene of an accident can be acquired in 3D, was created exactly for this: to carry out in a few minutes the measurements and surveys that law enforcement operators usually take hours to perform, often blocking traffic and risking the own safety. The system was created by iMo, an Italian startup controlled by Innovery and specialized in the sector of predictive urban security, founded by the IT engineer Silvio Foschi and the criminologist Monica Di Sante: thanks to it, the detection times necessary to clarify the dynamics of the claims small and medium-sized ones go from about 90 minutes to just 5.

iCam3D allows you to acquire the accident in three dimensions – explains Silvio Foschi – managing to obtain precise coordinates in space and easily retrieving additional information such as the brand, the model, the color, all the characteristics of the accident vehicle, including the real extent of the damage. The scene thus “recorded” will then be “navigable” three-dimensionally, returning photographic, descriptive and planimetric reliefs, for example in court, where they will be much more usable. A few months after its launch on the market, in Italy there are already 20 iCam3D devices used by the local police forces in various Italian regions, including Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany, Campania and Marche. Marketing will soon be launched in Spain as well, where the technology is currently being tested by the Guardia Civil.

The iCam3D solution consists, on the one hand, of a specially strengthened tablet equipped with a camera with depth sensors and, on the other, by software specially developed by iMo. The system does not require connection to cloud platforms unless a centralized archive is requested by the user: it makes iCam3D usable in any environment and operating context, even in the total absence of a connection. Despite being a patented system that uses proprietary software, the iMo tablet generates files that can be easily transferred, sent, shared, stored and integrated into the software currently in use. The surveys can be consulted by anyone who believes they should be aware of them, even with opensource viewers available online. The choice of iMoi was to make the result of the acquisition usable in a simple way, removing any obstacle or IT dependency.

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