no, France does not vaccinate better than Germany

France vaccinates less, but vaccinates better? During his press briefing on February 25, Prime Minister Jean Castex praised the French vaccination record: ” While some countries around us have vaccinated more than us to date, France is in the lead for the vaccination of people most exposed to severe forms of Covid as illustrated by the graphics on the screen “. On his table, the Prime Minister shows that 25% of people over 75 have been vaccinated in France, against only 13% in Germany.

First problem, all countries do not follow the same age categories in the vaccination campaign. In Germany, where priority has been given to those over 80, the authorities do not have the figure for those over 75. Contacted by Désintox, neither the German Ministry of Health, nor the Robert Koch Institute which produces vaccination monitoring statistics in Germany, say they have this data. The Robert Koch Institute only notes in a February 24 report that 26% of those over 80, or 1.46 million people, have been vaccinated in Germany. This is enough to invalidate the statistics of Jean Castex.

Indeed, according to the Prime Minister, only 13% of Germans over 75 have been vaccinated. That is 1.2 million people out of 9.4 million in this age group. This is impossible, since this number is lower than the only vaccinated over 80 years old listed by the Robert Koch Institute at 1.46 million. Even on the assumption that no German between 75 and 80 would have been vaccinated, which is impossible since Germany has vaccinated 80% of residents in retirement homes, the figure given by Jean Castex is therefore false.

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