PODCAST. Listen to the podcast “Au comptoir de l’Info”, with Samuel Etienne, host of the program “Questions pour un champion” and presenter on France Info channel 27.


Samuel Etienne admits it: he hesitated a lot before agreeing to receive politicians on his personal Twitch channel. The host of “Question for a champion” on France 3 is aware of the risk it takes. In particular, being accused of colluding with politicians. Especially since he receives them at home, in relaxed mode. But Samuel Etienne believes that well used, Twitch can create a direct exchange between citizens and politicians, that can revive democracy.

The journalist discovered this platform almost a year ago. Since then, every morning, he has presented a 2-hour press review. What does he appreciate? Interactivity with the 15 to 20,000 people who watch it daily, mainly young people under 35. Samuel Etienne recognizes that there is a risk that Twitch is just a fad, a flash in the pan. In any case, it is a medium of “niche” which for him is complementary to his other activities.

Samuel Etienne also talks about his journalistic journey, almost exclusively devoted to presentation. He admits that he is much more at ease in this exercise than in that of reporting, because, too anxious, he was not a “excellent reporter”. He also delivers a fine tribute to all journalists in the field, believing that they are “more journalists than him”.

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About the podcast: “At the info desk” is the first native podcast of France Télévisions. In the form of a journalistic interview, an actor who makes public service televised information – a major reporter, a cameraman, a presenter – comes to deliver, tell, reveal the way he works. In a sound atmosphere of a coffee counter, he confides his doubts, his joys, but also his fears when he is in the field or in the studio.

The series is produced by François Beaudonnet, columnist on franceinfo (channel 27), major reporter for France 2 and columnist for the program “Nous, les Européens” on France 3. Former correspondent in Rome and Brussels, he started on radio where he presented the 1 p.m. newspaper on France Inter.


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