franceinfo junior. Who invented the Twitch platform?


The Twitch logo on a screen.
The Twitch logo on a screen. (MARTIN BUREAU / AFP)

Franceinfo junior takes you behind the scenes of Twitch, leader in live video straeming. Known first for gamers and video game enthusiasts, the platform now also attracts politicians, such as government spokesman Gabriel Attal, or journalists such as presenter Samuel Etienne. Media are also launching on the platform, such as Franceinfo which organized a sequence of questions and answers on vaccines.

To talk about it on our show: a historical twitch maker, Jean Massiet, answers questions from three students from the Croix Luizet school in Villeurbanne (Rhône). Political streamer, he founded the Accropolis channel on Twitch.

We start this show at the beginning … and the origin of the platform: at the microphone, Mélina wants to know who invented Twitch and since when it has existed. For her part, Eddine wonders: “Can we make money on Twitch?” Lyana wants to know who has “the most fans at the moment” on the platform. “But Twitch, is that an age? Is it forbidden to under 10s?” asks the schoolgirl. Eddine is worried about moderation on this platform.

On this page, listen again in full to this show dedicated to Twitch and its behind the scenes.


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