many events for the international day of women’s rights

Sunday March 7, many demonstrations took place for the rights of women. International Women’s Day is held on Monday March 8. The demonstrators demanded the right to equal pay, but also to abortion, a right that is under attack in many countries, some in Europe. In Warsaw (Poland), on January 29, a demonstration had already taken place to protest against the passing of a decree establishing restrictive measures for the right to abortion.

In Europe, Poland has one of the toughest laws regarding IGV. Only Malta, a very Catholic country, completely prohibits voluntary termination of pregnancy. Ireland, which is also very Catholic, legalized abortion on January 1, 2019. This represents the culmination of a change in mentalities that began more than twenty years ago. “I voted yes for the younger generation, for my grandchildren and for the generation to come after”, reports an Irish woman.

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