in the face of the coronavirus, two-speed countries

A new turn of the screw has been taken in Italy. Campania, the region of Naples, is now classified in the red zone by the authorities, due to the increase in the number of positive cases for the variant. Concretely speaking, travel is limited, schools closed like most shops, and bars and restaurants which had reopened in recent weeks have had to close the curtain. The government intends to speed up the vaccination campaign.

Italy has just passed the symbolic 100,000 death mark from the pandemic. The noose is loosening in the UK, however. The return to school was made possible by the little Britons. It was the first step in the deconfinement announced by the authorities last month. Middle school and high school students are not yet affected by this return to school. Reopenings have also taken place in Germany. In some Länder, restrictions have been relaxed.

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