“Salvation will come from the United States and Europe, from nowhere else”

Thierry Breton has a meeting on Monday March 8 with his American counterpart, the coordinator of the team in charge of the fight against Covid-19 in the United States. “We decided to work together because these are the only two continents that will allow us to get out of this situation. We have the greatest infrastructure in terms of vaccine production. Production goes up “, explains the European Commissioner for Industry in the “4 Vérités” Monday morning.

Thierry Breton is “Confident about the ability”To be vaccinated dix million people in France by April 15. “We are doubling the production capacity in Europe every month: 14 million in January, 28 million in February, 55 million currently and more than 90 at the end of March “, he assures by videoconference.

We are not very far from a war economy. Logistics and manufacturing require thinking and acting differently “, according to him. A new vaccine will be accepted “most certainly this week, that of Johnson & Johnson, bringing to four the number of vaccines distributed “, announces the European Commissioner.

Vaccines designed outside the United States and the European Union, such as Russia’s Sputnik V, “do not find a factory to make them. But we will have to help the Russians“, affirms Thierry Breton, who repeats:”The problem for all those who invented vaccines is to have them manufactured and salvation will come from the United States and Europe, from nowhere else. “

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