Netflix tests sending warnings to fight account sharing


Several users of the platform explained that they had received an invitation to “create their own Netflix account”. A test that is not yet generalized.

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Soon the end of the Netflix account shared by several people? On Twitter, several users of the platform explained that they had received warnings inviting them to “create their own account” when they connect to the video on demand service. For the moment a simple test, this warning could be generalized in the coming months when the American company recently announced that it had passed the bar of 200 million subscribers.

The users targeted by the experiment were asked to verify their identity by text or e-mail. According to the conditions of use of the service, it “must not be shared with outside people” at the subscriber’s home. “This test is designed to ensure that people who use a Netflix account have the right to do so”, explained a representative of the American company to the BBC.

Until now, Netflix has not sought to reduce the number of people sharing the same account. “We must learn to live with password sharing”, said the co-founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings, in 2016. But according to a study by the strategy company Magid, a third of the 200 million subscribers of the streaming service share their identifiers. A significant shortfall that seems to have changed the streaming giant’s mind.


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