Greece is preparing for the return of tourists, Estonia is reconfiguring

Greece is awaiting the return of tourists. At airports, the authorities want it from mid-May and the government could put in place an advanced security protocol. Tourists who have been vaccinated and those who agree to be randomly tested could therefore travel to the country. “We will have a better summer than last year, in my mind it’s very clear. The work we do is going to pay off. We want to be the leaders.”, confessed, Harry Theoharis, Greek Minister of Tourism. While waiting for the return of tourists, confinement has been extended in Greece.

Containment also implemented in Estonia, partially, and for one month. Travel is limited, non-essential stores will be closed, as will bars, restaurants and schools. The government is worried because the hospitals are saturated. Estonia has the second highest infection rate in the world behind the Czech Republic. Finally in the Canaries, migrants are leaving their camps. Since last spring, the island had become one of the main routes for migrants to reach Europe. Coming from Africa, they do not want to stay in these camps, which are too risky for their health. A new problem for associations. Since January, more than 2,300 migrants have found refuge in the Canaries, twice as many as the previous year at the same time.

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