for Jean Castex, the closure of schools is “really a last resort”



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Twitch Replay Etienne / Castex
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Prime Minister Jean Castex answered questions from the French on the fight against coronavirus pandemic, Sunday March 14, on the Twitch channel of the journalist of franceinfo Samuel Etienne.

Prime Minister Jean Castex took his first steps on the Twitch streaming platform on Sunday March 14. Invited by the journalist of France Télévisions Samuel Etienne, he answered for an hour and a half to the questions of the Net surfers, from the apartment of the presenter of “Questions for a champion” and the morning of franceinfo.

Jean Castex In particular, strongly opposed a closure of schools: “I know what it means to close schools. Consider that iThere are European countries where the children have not been back to school for almost a year. I dare not imagine the long term consequences. It’s terrible to close schools. ” And to insist: “But really closing schools, it should be done as a last resort. Unesco has recognized that one of France’s strengths is not to close schools, at least to do everything to avoid it. “


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