new smoke on the Strasbourg site, two employees inconvenienced


Nine days after the fire that ravaged the site, firefighters were called in to release smoke. The situation is under control.

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More fear than harm. Strasbourg firefighters intervened on Friday March 19 on the OVHCloud site after a release of smoke in a room where batteries were stored, nine days after a fire in the same place. Two security personnel were slightly inconvenienced by the fumes and underwent medical tests, the company told AFP, confirming information from the Latest News from Alsace.

This new disaster will not, according to OVHCloud, “no further disturbance” for its customers because the servers had not yet returned to service. The site, which hosted four data centers, was hit by a major fire on March 10, which completely destroyed the “SBG2” data center and damaged the neighboring “SBG1”.

A situation “under control”

The fumes have come “unused batteries” and “not supplied with electricity”, Klaba said. “We didn’t have the fire but we had a lot of smoke”, said the entrepreneur, ensuring that the situation was “under control” and “everyone safe”. The firefighters, intervened very quickly, controlled this release of smoke, said the company, adding that a decision had also been taken to cancel service restoration operations which were to be carried out during the night.

After last week’s fire, hundreds of thousands of customers of the company, the European leader in “cloud” services, were faced with difficulties in accessing their websites and courier services. OVHcloud, founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba is a flagship of French tech and one of the few European providers of “cloud” services, a sector dominated by American and Chinese players.


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