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The Spanish idea and now, after France and Portugal, it also arrives in Italy. Of course, the moment in our country is not the best for those who launch into the long-term rental market (this segment is strongly downsizing), but the guys (because they are guys) of Swipcar (swipcar.com/it) us they believe with the optimism and the charge of all the start-ups (in Spain for a consolidated reality) and are convinced that they will also be successful in our market. The novelty of this proposal is that it is a market-place on the web where in a few clicks you can rent a car or a van from 36 to 60 months by choosing how many kilometers you will travel per year and then, at the end of the contract, redeem the vehicle by paying the residual value, or re-launch with a new model or just close the relationship.

All simple, all clear and above all all easy. In fact, going to the site you have the impression of being on other well-known sales platforms (Amazon, Zalando) and therefore you have no particular problems finding what you are looking for. The cars proposed and also the contracts, it should be clarified immediately, are those offered by the major car rental companies on the market, so Swipcar does not act in the first person. Swipcar amplifies the offer by also conveying more advantageous “found-only-here” proposals and which, perhaps, the reference “major” does not offer on its website. So you can find opportunities, they generally last a month or so, explain the guys at Swipcar, at lower fees than those that can be seen elsewhere. As for the contracts, as we said, they are stipulated with the major rental companies (for which the guarantees of the case are all there) and the insurance coverage is of the “helmet” type. As is customary in rental contracts, assistance in managing coupons, changing summer / winter tires and vice versa, various taxes and any fines are all services included in the fee.

Raffaele Fiorillo, Country Manager for Italy, he explained to us that Swipcar is aimed at both large and small companies, both VAT numbers and individuals. For it is precisely the VAT numbers and those with a fixed income who will find the answer to their needs on this site. Meanwhile, for the fees which are all indicated with VAT included. So that part of the market that needs precise and detailed information, that does not want to waste time or perhaps is afraid in facing the (otherwise simple) bureaucracy to access a rental and that often escaped the large renters finds a solution in Swipcar. quick and friendly. And then, once the web routine is exhausted, a team of site consultants contacts the customer and accompanies him in the last phase. Finally, there are currently sixty brands and models available, but the number is expected to be implemented shortly. The fittings are the classic ones of the cars of the business segment, but, if you are not in a hurry (delivery times are lengthened, of course) you can also request a particular model and perhaps with customized fittings.

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