towards a tightening of health restrictions



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Germany: towards a tightening of health restrictions
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Germany is facing a resurgence of the epidemic and new health measures could be announced. Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, spoke to regional leaders on Monday March 22.

Will Germany tighten its health restrictions again? The hypothesis was very strongly considered, Monday March 22. Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke to the 16 leaders of the German regions. Talks began at 2 p.m. “Initially, these discussions were to focus on easing the lockdown since November. But given the evolution of the epidemic, the reverse is happening. Certain restrictions must be extended or even tightened.”, relates Stéphanie Perez, special correspondent in Berlin for France Télévisions.

“There is the thorny problem of schools: should they be closed when they have just reopened? Some regions are campaigning in this direction, others prefer to set up two tests per week for children to extend lessons “, continues the journalist. In addition, school holidays begin at the end of the week, and the issue of travel is also on the table. A curfew is also being discussed, which would be a nationwide first.

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