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France 2
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J. Duponchel, M. Damoy, S. Guibout, J. Raharison

France 2

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The laptop has become essential for many French people. However, due to strong demand, prices have increased. Thus, for less than 500 euros, it is difficult to find a good quality machine, reports France 2, Friday March 26.

With the health crisis, the laptop has become an almost essential tool in the lives of French people. But you often have to spend a significant amount. In a multimedia store, customers interviewed by France 2, Friday March 26, are a little lost. Almost all admit that they do not have a great deal of computer skills but still want a suitable computer. At 500 euros, few models are available and they are rather entry-level. After the first lockdown, the price of laptops increased by 10%, due to strong demand.

Patrick Bertholet, a multimedia expert for, tested a computer at 499 euros. He quickly noted its limits. The material used creaks under your fingers, the machine becomes very slow if many tabs are open, and the sound and picture are poor. According to the expert, it is better to invest between 600 and 700 euros. Regarding cell phones, the difference in quality can also be observed depending on the price. Journalist Julien Duponchel, present on the 13 Hours set, notes that it takes, for example, three hours to charge a smartphone at 56 euros and less than an hour for a top-of-the-range one.


Patrick Bertholet – Multimedia expert writer – comparator, tester of connected devices


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