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Whether the working conditions at Amazon are really what interests them most, a Twitter user wanted to know about “AmazonFCDarla”. And what she would do if she passed a turtle lying on its back in the sun by the wayside in the desert. The question is used in the film “Blade Runner” as a test to distinguish real people from artificial people based on the reaction. “Darla” seems to have failed the test because her profile has since been deleted. Amazon has lost a colleague in a bitter opinion dispute that the group is currently conducting on social media – supported by a group of desperately enthusiastic employees who interfere in discussions with praise for their employer.

His parcel hall allows him two twenty-minute breaks and one thirty-minute break, writes about “AmazonFCGary”, a user named “AmazonFCYola” enthuses that there are twelve exit options in the building, with three to six toilets each, “that’s a lot”. Last Thursday he celebrated his fifth anniversary at Amazon, writes “AmazonFCDan”: “Five wonderful years of frequent toilet breaks and lessons learned”.

One or the other question arises. What would Gary, Yola, and Dan do with a turtle lying on its back? And why are they so interested in going to the toilet?

Have trolls mingled in the Amazon cheering choir?

The second question is easier to answer. Employees accuse Amazon of having to pee in bottles and empty their bowels in bags while they work because otherwise they cannot do their job. These allegations are not new, they have been raised repeatedly over the years, and Amazon has always denied them. In 2018 it was widely reported – at that time the “AmazonFC” users appeared for the first time. The company admitted that they were employees who would be paid for their positive comments on the net. According to a 2019 report, they were given a day of paid vacation and a $ 50 voucher for the in-house market platform. Now the allegations are back, of all things during the rhetorically fiercely contested vote in an Amazon plant in the state of Alabama. The employees there should decide by Monday whether they want to form a union – the count is currently running. It would be the first Amazon union in the US. The group fears that other plants will follow suit.

The profiles of “AmazonFCGary”, “AmazonFCYola”, “AmazonFCDan” and several other Amazon enthusiasts were created in March 2021, in the hot phase of the decision. Others seem to be veterans of past PR battles. Amazon employees also tweet in Germany, for example “AmazonFCPhilipp”. He writes that robots are increasingly taking on more work at Amazon, but “it is always built on the employees”. Sunglasses smiley. Is Amazon also relying on robots in its PR strategy?

The tech news site Gizmodo took a closer look at the profile of “AmazonFCDarla”. “Darla” thinks unions are a good thing, but “we just don’t need them here”. At least the woman pictured in the profile picture doesn’t seem to exist. The author of the article succeeded in recreating the face almost identically on the website “Generated Photos” with the help of artificial intelligence. Amazon confirms to the SZ that “Darla” is not an ambassador for the group, it is a fake profile. And apparently it’s not the only one. At least one more profile has since been deleted. Another alleged employee named “AmazonFCJames” writes about himself, he loves his family, to rest and, in capital letters, to have human feelings.

Internet trolls may have mixed in with the cheering choir set up by Amazon. Or was it partly voluntary activists who reject the unions on principle and have sided with the group without being asked? Amazon writes: “We asked Twitter to investigate the case and take appropriate action.”

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