Panda 4×4, the myth is transformed and becomes an unstoppable “monster” –

Transforming an old Panda 4×4 into a tracked vehicle capable of traveling on any terrain? Mission impossible … but not for everyone! Carmagheddon, content creator with a huge following on YouTube and other main social media, accepted and successfully completed this crazy challenge: the trio composed of Guada, Matte and Rudos, together with Arexons, a product company for DIY, car care and maintenance, and with the support of the GMG Garage workshop in Cogne, he has in fact created a literally indestructible vehicle, starting with the timeless and beloved Panda 4×4.

To test the solidity of the vehicle, branded Panda Army, the trio then climbed the most inaccessible, snowy and wild slopes of the Aosta Valley. Obviously, the entire make over and the subsequent test were filmed (here the VIDEO). In detail, what were the key steps of the transformation? The Panda 4×4 has been fitted with tracks, new bumpers, completely revamped shock absorbers and a custom-made carbon steering wheel.

March 31, 2021 (change March 31, 2021 | 16:10)


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