Kia Sorento plug-in hybrid: the test

April 1, 2021 – 5:08 pm

At the wheel of the maxi SUV of the Korean company, powered by a system of 265 HP of maximum power and which offers 57 km of autonomy. The convenience and standard equipment are the strong point. Prices from 53 thousand euros

of Maurizio Bertera

After the full hybrid appeared in November, for the Sorento maxi-Suv the debut of the plug-in hybrid variant has arrived: for Kia it will be the spearhead of the range, considering both the lower emissions and the greater power. Explains Giuseppe Bitti, a.d. Kia Italia: “Sorento perfectly embodies the new course, which looks to the future with great attention to electrification. It represents the right product to outline the current strategy, based on three fundamental elements: focus on the customer, innovation and brand experience “. As is normal in such cases, apart from small aesthetic details, the two variants of Sorento are identical. And so here too you can enjoy a very enjoyable car: the space optimization also contributes to the location of the 67-liter fuel tank under the floor of the second row of seats and the 3.3 kW battery power supply under the seat. loading platform.

The minimum charging time

The minimum charging time of 3.7 hours with alternating current

April 1, 2021 | 17:08


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