Brussels unblocks aid for Air France


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Air transport: Brussels unblocks aid for Air France
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France and the European Union agreed this Monday, April 5 on the release of aid for the airline, Air France. The journalist Sophie Lanson is live from Orly airport (Val de Marne) to give details.

This Monday, April 5, the European Commission and the French Ministry of the Economy, agreed to an envelope of aid for the airline company Air France, as explained by the journalist of France Television, Sophie. Lanson, from Orly airport (Val de Marne) : “This is an agreement that comes after weeks of intense discussions. The state, which has already helped the airline, to the tune of seven billion euros since the start of the health crisis, will once again get its hands on pocket. The amount of this support is to be discussed today at a board meeting. “

“Europe has demands in return. Air France will have to sell take-off and landing slots at Orly airport (Val-de-Marne) to other companies. bring in up to 45 million euros, but these are strategic issues in view of the future disruption of the activity. So out of the question for Air France to give up too much “, continues and concludes the journalist in duplex.

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