these migrant children who try to cross the Mexican border


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United States: these migrant children who try to cross the Mexican border
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Children, left to their own devices, clandestinely try to reach the United States. Cases of unaccompanied minors are increasing at the Mexican border.

The border guard is returning home when he sees a very young figure in the middle of these fields. The child has no first name, just an age: 10 years old. The boy would have woken up alone in the middle of the desert. “I was with a bunch of people and they left me, I don’t know where they are”, indicates the child. And to add: “Sure, they abandoned me […] I came because otherwise I don’t know where to go ”.

The boy was picked up and taken to a migrant center in Texas. Last week, filmed by a surveillance camera, it is a smuggler who released two small figures from the top of the wall built with Mexico. They were two sisters aged three and five who had arrived from Ecuador. Their mother lives in New York. Many parents residing in the United States pay fees to bring their children from Central America. The Biden administration is also facing a strong influx of migrants.

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