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Horizon Automotive continues its strategy of putting the customer ‘at the center’ of its commitment. After the partnerships with IrenGO (in terms of electrified and rechargeable mobility) and with Cepar (in relation to digital marketing and lead generation projects), the mobility company – born from the joint-venture between Denicar and Autorigoldi – offers the possibility to the customer to choose, in a geo-localized way, all its personalized mobility services and immediately see their impact on the rental fee. Thanks to the new platform, in fact it will be possible to define the budget to be allocated to the vehicle in a few clicks, without any unexpected expenses and with the advantage of managing all bureaucratic tasks. In practice, you view the best offer on the market for a specific model, also considering offers in stock, immediately receiving a reminder on the offer chosen. It is also possible to configure the car independently through the superconfigurator or ‘let yourself be guided’ by an algorithm.

Configurator and optional In the first case, if you are looking for maximum flexibility in the customization of the rental vehicle – and this is not present among the offers and packages available – through the Horizon configurator, you send a request for a quote and at that point a consultant will contact the customer to define the best choice. In the second case, an interactive algorithm able to guide the customer to the rental package that best responds to his use of the car. Horizon’s goal is to always offer the best offer (thanks to a benchmark on seven different renters) with additional services such as the choice of options in the quote phase or customizable services depending on the geographical area: pick up & delivery, black box telematics, sanitation and delivery of the vehicle at home.

Welcome bonus Among the other peculiarities of the new platform are the e-garage (where you can keep quotes, contracts and above all compare offers and configurations of the selected vehicles), the attention to electric mobility (see the mapping of the columns for the reference territory customer) and the ‘phygital experience’, which wants to go beyond the concept of a simple web aggregator, given that Horizon Automotive also offers physical services such as product knowledge, cars that can be ordered from the proprietary network, test drives and prompt deliveries. Finally, in the first month of launch of the new platform, for each contract signed, customers will receive a free Welcome Bonus of 500 euros in fuel vouchers.

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