Hundreds of scam victims attack the HomeAway booking platform




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Vacation rental: hundreds of scam victims attack a booking platform
France 2
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G. de Florival, M. Petitjean, V. Castel

France 2

France Televisions

Victims of scams have launched proceedings against a seasonal accommodation reservation platform, accusing it of fraudulent ads. What types of controls are there for these digital tools, and how can you protect yourself?

On the sites of vacation rental between individuals, the tempting advertisements are numerous. But behind the paradisiacal photos, sometimes hide scams. Hundreds of victims of these scams have decided to attack a platform that hosted fraudulent ads, HomeAway HomeAway. For its part, the site denies any responsibility. He recalls that he is a host, and not a rental company.

“It can happen that fraudulent advertisements are published, but they are immediately removed from the site as soon as they are brought to our knowledge”, adds Abritel. To fight against these scams which continue to increase, other hosts have decided to create ad control cells. Even individuals can use simple investigative methods. “Do not hesitate to copy / paste the title of the ad into a search engine to check whether there are already alerts, notices of victims”, remember Raphaël Bartlomé, head of the legal department of the UFC-Que Choisir association, who also recommends doing the same with the photos in the ad.


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