Boeing beats Airbus sales for the first time in two years Business

The same trend has helped Airbus maintain a winning streak in deliveries dating back to mid-2018, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

With transfers to airlines such as Wizz Air and India’s IndiGo, Airbus delivered 125 planes in the first quarter, compared to 77 for Boeing.

At the end of last month, Boeing handed over its first two 787 Dreamliners since October. Deliveries had been halted as the company inspected the model’s carbon fiber structures for tiny manufacturing defects. Boeing recorded 196 gross orders in March, all for the 737 family.

The aircraft manufacturer also recorded 156 cancellations, with carriers such as United Airlines changing orders to the Max and renegotiating terms.

Customers benefit from leverage to cancel or change the terms of the transaction for aircraft that have been delayed for more than 12 months. This added to the churning out of Boeing’s order books and manufacturing schedule.

The company is offering discounts on new orders to compensate airlines for Max’s 20-month grounding, which was imposed by US regulators in March 2019 after the crashes killed 346 people.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-13 15:57:49