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FREE rapid Covid-19 tests are now available to all residents – and people without symptoms are urged to start testing twice a week.

As lockdown restrictions are relaxed, Brighton and Hove City Council is asking everyone to get tested regularly as one in three people with Covid-19 have no symptoms.

Previously, testing kits were made available to those who could not work from home – but now all residents are encouraged to start taking tests.

Public health director Alistair Hill said it was important “not to let our guard down” as the city emerges from isolation.

He said: “Last week we saw a 50% decrease in new Covid cases compared to the previous week.

“This is great news, but we must not let our guard down. The number of confirmed cases reported are only those known to us.

The Argus: Test Kits can be picked up from Hove Town HallTest kits can be picked up from Hove Town Hall

“Because some people with Covid-19 have no symptoms, more people in the city will have the virus than these numbers show.

“As the city opens up and we mingle with more people, it’s important to make sure that we don’t spread the virus without realizing it.

“If everyone has symptom-free tests twice a week, we can find the positive cases and self-isolate to avoid transmitting the virus.

“It will help keep the number of cases low and stop the outbreaks, so we can get back to seeing the people we love and doing the things we love.”

Take-home test kits are available for collection at the Jubilee Library on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., and Sunday between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Kits can also be picked up at Hove Town Hall, Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and until 8 p.m. on Wednesdays.

People can use the NHS England site search website to find the nearest participating pharmacy offering free lateral flow testing.

Reservations do not need to be made to pick up a test kit – but only people over 18 should use the Community and Pharmacy Collection service.

Each box contains seven tests, and people can collect two boxes at a time.

Test boxes can be collected on behalf of other family members over the age of 18 and by caregivers.

All test kits include instructions on how to take the test, recording the results, and what to do if a positive test result is found.

The Argus:

NHS testing and tracing sites in the city operate as symptomatic testing sites in the morning, but currently also provide an afternoon collection service so people can take home test kits .

People are advised to use the NHS England Site Finder website to check where their nearest testing and tracing site is and hours of operation.

Those who cannot access any of these services can order test kits online or by calling 119, which will be delivered to their homes.

For anyone who does not feel comfortable taking their own home test, community testing is available and can be booked in advance at participating community pharmacies in Sussex or at the dedicated testing center at Hove Town Hall. .

These tests are performed under the supervision of a member of staff who will then process the results on site within 30 minutes.

To book a community test,

Anyone who tests positive on a lateral flow test should self-isolate immediately with their focus and have a follow-up PCR test within two days.

The Argus:

Home testing and community testing are only for people who have no symptoms of the virus. Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should not collect a test kit or book a symptomless test and should book a PCR test online or by calling 119.

Alistair Hill added: “Even if you have received your vaccine, please self-isolate after a positive result, keep social contacts in order and get vaccinated as soon as you are invited.

“And if you have symptoms of Covid, please immediately self-isolate and take a PCR test.

“We got here by supporting and caring for each other.

“Let’s continue as the immunization program unfolds. Then we can stay on track to take advantage of the next step out of isolation when restrictions are eased again in May.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-13 11:00:00