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COVID-19: The best lawyer will have “carte blanche” with a review by the David Cameron cabinet, presses Boris Johnson | Political news

Boris Johnson has vowed that a high profile lawyer would have “carte blanche to ask anyone what they need” as part of a review of the operations of a bankrupt finance company that David Cameron has lobbied for.

PM asked Nigel Boardman to look into role of Australian financier Lex greensill, his company, Greensill Capital, and his involvement in government.

It follows weeks of allegations about Mr Greensill’s links, Mr. Cameron and government ministers and officials.

Mr Cameron, who was employed by Mr Greensill in 2018 after leaving Downing Street, was revealed to have approached sitting ministers about Greensill Capital’s involvement in government-backed financial support programs during the coronavirus crisis.

This included text messages sent to Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Mr Cameron also had a drink with Health Secretary Matt Hancock, also in the presence of Mr Greensill, during which they reportedly discussed a payment system later rolled out in the NHS.

After ordering the Greensill review, Mr Johnson said on Tuesday: ‘I asked Nigel Boardman to look into this whole issue of supply chain finance and gave him pretty much carte blanche to ask. to anyone what he needed to find out.

“I would like this to be done quickly, but I want it to have as much access as possible so that we can all understand exactly what happened, and that will of course be presented to parliament in due course.”

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