Scooters, the most innovative one hangs on the border of the pedestrian areas –

LINK, one of the most important sharing micro-mobility companies founded by MIT of Boston, presents the new scooter with the Briggs system. The livery of the fleet changes, more eye-catching and reflective, but above all the operating system installed on each vehicle is renewed. The new software is called Briggs and thanks to it the reaction time of the Geofencing service (which prevents the scooter from entering pedestrian areas) goes from 1 second to 0.7 seconds, also storing triple the number of no-ride zones. We are talking about an accuracy 7 times higher than the previous system.

It also increases battery life up to a whopping 22 days, thus extending the vehicle’s range by 10%. LINK the only electric scooter equipped with VIS (Vehicle Intelligent System), a sophisticated on-board safety software that combines artificial intelligence, thanks to 73 sensors and 5 microprocessors. VIS performs over 1,000 checks per second on vehicle health while on the move, monitoring and fine-tuning performance in real time, a big step forward in vehicle safety, such as the state belt for automobiles. Because VIS can be continually updated with new operating systems, LINK scooters become more receptive to each update, just like Tesla cars.

This makes it a unique product in a sector where all other vehicles remain so after production, being able only to be replaced, but not updated. LINK designed to get smarter over time – our ability to continually update the operating system makes LINK unique – says Assaf Biderman, founder and CEO of Superpedestrian, parent of LINK -. If a partner city comes to us with a new idea, we can easily integrate it, thanks to the VIS system. This makes vehicles better for users, safer for pedestrians and more resilient in terms of safety for cities. The best a city can ask for its citizens.

LINK is the result of a $ 75 million investment in research and development, including 7 years of AI development, 2 years of hardware design and unprecedented vehicle validation testing.

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