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The best gas grills put to the test Wine News

WWith hundreds of seemingly similar grills on the market, finding the best gas grill is no easy task.

While old-fashioned grilling is done over a flame, gas grills are gaining in popularity. Some traditionalists lament the lack of charcoal or wood, but there are several reasons why gas is king.

While gas grills tend to be more expensive, they are more convenient, light up quickly and easily with no hassle (that’s right, no more trying to get charcoal going). You will also reach the cooking temperature much faster. and maintain even heat distribution without any expertise required.

As a bonus, gas canisters can last a long time, so you won’t run out of it during a cooking session, and cleanup is much easier when everything is done and dusted off.

How does a gas barbecue work?

Gas barbecues use propane or natural gas, usually from a canister plugged into the barbecue. You can then adjust the amount of gas used to fuel the fire and ignite it with a flame.

While gas grills take less time to heat up, you still need to make sure you preheat them – 10 to 15 minutes will do. This will allow the grill to heat up, helping you achieve those long-awaited grill marks, while preventing food from sticking.

Is gas environmentally friendly?

According to Greener Ideal, charcoal barbecues are “the least environmentally friendly of all barbecues” due to carbon dioxide emissions. The gas is “considerably greener”. The purchase of refillable gasoline tanks will help reduce waste.

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