The great-grandmother has reunited with her grandchildren at Bedfordshire care home as lockdown gets easier Bedford News

Residents of an Ampthill nursing home have opened their doors to their families as part of the further easing of government lockdowns.

Former seamstress and playgroup leader June Boyer was the first to greet her guests, her daughter Josie and granddaughter Katie Thompson, when they visited her at the Richmond Manor Care Home.

Although friends and relatives visited their loved ones at the Dunstable Street home using a Covid-secured suite during the lockdown, in March the rules changed and allowed a designated person to visit the interior of home every week.

From left to right, David Farbon (son-in-law), Hamberley's housewife Sharon Murphy, great-granddaughter Izzy, resident Barbara Aggett with daughter Judith Farbon
From left to right, David Farbon (son-in-law), Hamberley’s housewife Sharon Murphy, great-granddaughter Izzy, resident Barbara Aggett with daughter Judith Farbon

And from Monday, further relaxation of the rules means residents can now nominate two guests to visit – and babies and toddlers can be included.

Grandmother of seven, June 84, said: “I haven’t seen them in person for weeks.”

June’s daughter Josie Thompson added: “Over a few weeks, it’s been over a year now. I think it’s really a milestone that we’re actually here. We start to see that

the light at the end of the tunnel. “

From left to right, daughter Josie Thompson, housewife Sharon Murphy, resident June Boyer and granddaughter Katie Thompson

The second resident to receive a special visit was Barbara Aggett, 86, who has four children and eight great-grandchildren.

The former PA welcomed her 20 month old great-granddaughter, Izzy, to visit with her daughter and son-in-law Judith and David Farbon.

Although Barbara has seen Izzy from behind a screen, this is the first time she has been able to be up close since Izzy was newborn.

Barbara said: “It means everything to see them.”

Judith said: “It’s very moving. It is a step forward – it is one with great trepidation because of all that is still going on.

Her son-in-law David added: “And you had your second jab Barbara, which is reassuring for all of us.”

Home Manager, Fiona Smith said: “It has been a very emotional week and the fun on all faces has been incredible.

“It has certainly been a very difficult year, but we can really start to see real joy again for all of our residents and families as they start to connect this way again.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-16 10:12:09