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IIf I had read that a restaurant had opened in London that had a meditation room as part of their experiment, I would instantly roll my eyes and engage in a tirade about the city’s foodie gadgets.

Still, I was here in Yumsa, a low-key Thai fusion spot right across from Putney Station, and I was completely convinced that it was there.

And while the idea of ​​a quiet room is appreciated, my true love for this restaurant begins and ends with the food. Fusion cuisine is not the easiest culinary choice.

At best, it’s a mix of Turkish Mediterranean mezze from Greece. At worst, an Indian treat topped with vanilla ice cream, an easy fix between east and west. Hence my skepticism before the visit.

Yumsa has just passed its infancy, having opened in 2017 after the idea came to its owner, Roger Narula, in 2015.

“Before that I was focusing on Southeast Asian cuisine in Dubai and other Gulf countries, but when we went to Thailand we were exposed to a treat,” Mr. Narula, as their chef Jai Shaikh places several colorful dishes in front of me for a snack.

“It wasn’t just the flavors we loved – it was the culture, the art and when I thought about it alongside my Indian heritage, the idea of ​​fusion started to take shape.”

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This notice was published: 2019-09-08 13:48:45