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Bettors Should Drink 10 Million Pints ​​In Largest Outdoor Drink Fitting For Six Months UK | New UK News

Millions of people will be anxious to make up for lost lockdown time as the mercury is expected to hit 57F (14C). In an explosion estimated at £ 100million, orders are expected to double those on a typical Saturday night. Bettors no longer have to eat large meals with their drinks and there is no 10 p.m. curfew.

However, they must be seated at an outdoor table, follow the outdoor rule of six, or be part of a group of no more than two households.

Pubs and bars across England have opened outdoor seating from last Monday.

It is believed that 20,000 pubs and 20,000 restaurants will serve 12 million people in England.

But the weekend could be a police nightmare, especially in London and the city centers.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors said: “We will be deploying a number of officers ahead of a protest in central London. I must stress that we remain in a public health crisis and that gathering in large numbers presents a real risk of transmission of Covid-19. We only have to look at what is happening in parts of Europe right now and our own recent experience to see how quickly things can change. “

Yesterday marked the first weekend pubs and bars in England could open since early November and tonight is expected to be even busier.

Emergency services have warned revelers to have fun but know their limits.

James Pullan, 56, owner of the Griffin Inn in Fletching, East Sussex, said after being forced to fire 35 employees and losing more than £ 1million his pub was full tonight.

He said: “Honestly, I don’t think I could face another lockdown. But we’re back in business, finally.

Kate Nicholls, head of the UK Hospitality business organization, said: “Bookings are very strong during the first few weeks of the exterior reopening. People can’t wait to socialize again. “

Wales and Scotland will keep pubs closed until April 27, while pubs and cafes may reopen in Northern Ireland for outdoor service on April 30 and indoors from May 24. .

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This notice was published: 2021-04-17 10:07:44