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Full list of candidates for the 2021 Durham County Council local elections UK News

The candidates have been confirmed for the next round of the Durham County Council local elections.

Hundreds of potential county councilors showed up to try to win one of the 126 seats up for grabs.

The 63 electoral constituencies of the local authority host the poll on Thursday, May 6, with between one and three places available in each.

One of the most high-profile figures not seeking re-election this time around is Alan Napier of Labor, the deputy head of the council, who has served in Murton since 2008.

May 6 will also see the polling stations open for the Durham Police, Crime and Victims Commissioner, as well as many city and parish councils.

The deadline to register to vote is April 19.

To find out where your nearest polling station is, try our widget below.

Complete list of candidates by constituency:

Anfield Plain

Christine BELL (Derwentside Independents)

Eileen MCKNIGHTSMITH (Labor Party)

Joan NICHOLSON (Derwentside Independents)

Ken ROLLINGS (Independent)

Samuel Charles Oliver SIMKIN (Conservative Party)

Jeanette Theresa STEPHENSON (Labor Party)

Timothy Peter WATERS (Conservative Party)

Aycliffe East

Tony ARMSTRONG (Liberal Democrat)

Jim ATKINSON (Labor Party)

Bob FLEMING (Independent)

John William GRANT (Reform UK)

Brian HAIGH (independent)

Wendy Patricia HILLARY (Labor Party)

Neville JONES (Liberal Democrat)

Martin PEEKE (Conservative Party)

Aycliffe North and Middridge

Kathryn Sarah BEETHAM (Labor Party)

Dorothy BOWMAN (Independent)

John Duncan CLARE (Labor Party)

Sandra HAIGH (Independent)

Jed HILLARY (Labor Party)

Andrea MILLER (liberal democrat)

John Douglas MOORE (independent)

Maureen SHELTON (Liberal Democrat)

Michael STEAD (liberal democrat)

Tony STUBBS (Conservative Party)

David SUTTON-LLOYD (Conservative Party)

Aycliffe West

Eddy ADAM (Labor Party)

Michaela Helen BANTHORPE (Alliance for Freedom. No lockdown. No curfew.)

George Coulson GRAY (independent)

Kate HOPPER (Labor Party)

Elizabeth Rosemary MAW (Conservative Party)

Ken ROBSON (independent)

James Robert WALSH (Liberal Democrat)

Paul Andrew WHITING (Liberal Democrat)

Chateau Barnard East

Geneviève Susan METCALFE (Green Party)

George Morland RICHARDSON (Conservative Party)

Emma Louise ROWELL (Labor Party)

James Michael ROWLANDSON (Conservative Party)

Christine Margaret VAN MOURIK (Liberal Democrat)

Chloe Sheila WALLS (Labor Party)

Barnard Castle West

Richard Andrew BELL (Conservative Party)

David Wilson HARDAKER (Labor Party)

Ted Galehurst HENDERSON (Conservative Party)

Dave HYNES (Labor Party)

Stephen Charles WHITE (Liberal Democrats)


Taylor James DOWNS (Conservative Party)

Christine Anne FLETCHER (Labor Party)

Pauline HARDMAN (Labor Party)

Lesley MAVIN (Liberal Democrat)

Stuart Eric MAVIN (Liberal Democrat)

Roger Michael MCADAM (Green Party)

Christopher Jon RANSON (Labor Party)

Michael Drummond Moverley SMITH (Conservative Party)

Arthur Clifford WALKER (Independent)

Michael WATSON (Liberal Democrat)

Joshua WOOLLER (Conservative Party)


Kevin EARLEY (Labor Party)

Christine ENGLISH (liberal democrat)

Peter OLIVER (Derwentside Independents)

Eileen RIDLEY (Conservative Party)

Stephen ROBINSON (Derwentside Independents)

Toby THATCHER (Conservative Party)

Steven John WOOD (Labor Party)

Bishop Auckland Town

Harley James BALMERHOWIESON (Labor Party)

Katie ELIOT (Labor Party)

Andrew JACKSON (Conservative Party)

Sam ZAIR (independent)

Bishop Middleham and Cornforth

Tony Douglas BRIMM (independent)

Pauline Fernlea CRATHORNE (Labor Party)

Elaine PEEKE (Conservative Party)


Rob CRUTE (Labor Party)

Stacey DEINALI (Labor Party)

Simon James ELUND (Conservative Party)

Steven FRANKLIN (The North East Party)

Ebony WATSON (The North East Party)


Anne BONNER (Labor Party)

David Farnell CRABTREE (Conservative Party)

Ethan Lewis DODDS (Conservative Party

Jonathan ELMER (Green Party)

Priscilla Anne Bowen ELMER (Green Party)

Geoff MOORE (Liberal Democrat)

Carolyn SMITH (independent)

Paul TAYLOR (Labor Party)

Burnopfield and Dipton

Mary Veronica ANDREWS (Labor Party)

David CUMMING (Conservative Party)

Keith ENGLISH (Liberal Democrat)

* Jay GRAHAM (Derwentside Independents) – Appointment withdrawn

* Roland HEMSLEY (Derwentside Independents) – Appointment withdrawn

Roland HEMSLEY (Independent)

Declan Gerard John MULHOLLAND (Labor Party)

Trevor ORD (Independent)

Paul Douglas ROBINSON (Conservative Party)

Richard Edwin SIMPSON (Green Party)

Chester-le-Street East

Beaty BAINBRIDGE (Conservative Party)

Neil John BRADBURY (Liberal Democrat)

Derek MORSE (Green Party)

Julie Anne SCURFIELD (Labor Party)

Chester-le-Street North

Ian HEAVISIDE (Independent)

Anne MURPHY (Conservative Party)

Philip Bernard NATHAN (liberal democrat)

Tracie Jane SMITH (Labor Party)

Chester-le-Street South

Allan BAINBRIDGE (Conservative Party)

Jack Lewis CHARLTON (Conservative Party)

Flora CONWAY (Labor Party)

Howell Wynne DAVIES (Labor Party)

Bill MOIST (independent)


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