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Fed up with smelly hair removal creams, painful waxing, razor burn and looking for hairless skin, I followed both the Philips Lumea Advanced IPL hair removal machine and the Philips Lumea Prestige, to see if they effectively cut body hair and left me. smoother longer. Here’s how I did …

A portable and sleek “ gun ” device, both the Philips Lumea Advanced and the Philips Lumea Prestige Use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – gentle flashes of light that target the hairline, to inhibit the cycle of regular hair growth. With continued use, it claims to give completely smooth legs. The review below is for both models, as they are in essence very similar – I tested both.

With three different attachment heads, the Lumea IPL can be used on the face, body and bikini line. It has five energy settings and a “ smart sensor ” that advises you on the best setting for your skin tone.

The pain thresholds are individual, of course, but I didn’t find it wrong at all – in fact, I kinda enjoyed, a slight clicking sensation and a little warmth. Many compare it to a warm rubber band snapped against your skin, but I think it overestimates the intensity somewhat. Admittedly, it is considerably less painful than an epilator (shiver) or an epilation (the horror).

No, but the skin will appear slightly red for about ten minutes after use.

Facial hair only takes a few minutes, but legs require a bit more dedication – it’s something you’ll want to do in a room that’s warm enough, listening to a podcast, or catching up with Netflix.

Doing both legs took me about 25 minutes. Underarms took 2 minutes for both, and the bikini line can be done in about 2 minutes flat. Over the weeks, while using the machine, I became much faster, especially as I found the hair regrowth to decrease.

Yes. It requires a reasonable investment of time – it will take three months before you are slippery. It took 12 weeks for the hair on my legs to stop growing back – from now on it’s a matter of monthly maintenance, so the big work is done.

Personally, I have found it a revelation on the facial hair. I didn’t feel like cultivating a mustache (no disrespect for those ladies who luckily have one), nor the stiff, pipe-cleaner hairs that sprang up from my chin with alarming rapidity as I walked across the street. thirty.

While taking the mustache with depilatory cream was effective, and tweezing my chin mustache oddly satisfying, I was fed up with the aggressiveness with which the hair grew back.

But the Lumea, after about four weeks of use, much to my delight, broke the spirit of my facial hair. The mustache grows back like a whisper to itself, and much more slowly. The same goes for chin whiskers, which grow much less frequently, are thinner and require a simple, easy pull with tweezers, as opposed to the jerk they once needed.

Philips Lumea Advanced vs Philips Lumea Prestige: which is better?

There are two models of Philips Lumea, the older one Advanced (£ 270), and the most recent Prestige (£ 449).

Both work effectively to reduce hair growth. However, the Prestige has a larger treatment area (which makes it faster to use) and can be used effectively on darker skin tones than the Advanced. If you can stretch all the way to Prestige, you won’t regret it, but you’ll still get your money’s worth with the Advanced.

What’s wrong with the Lumea IPL?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of intense pulsed light, it does not work on very dark skin tones – it must be able to differentiate skin tone from hair color. On a related note, if you are very fair – with blonde, gray, or light red hair – it won’t work.

Both Philips Lumea IPL – Prestige and Advanced are a great way to permanently inhibit hair growth – especially for small areas of hair. It takes a little time to start, but less and less as you go. Simple to use and very efficient.

Philips Lumea Prestige

While both IPL machines make you proud, the Prestige is better at tackling larger areas of the body faster – great if you want smooth legs. It also works on darker skin tones (although if you are very dark it unfortunately won’t). And it looks stylish, sexy and cool too.

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Philips Lumea Advanced

The main advantage of the Advanced is that it is considerably cheaper than the Prestige and will do a great job of making you hairless, although it works best on smaller sections of skin.

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