Over 50,000 cases of online fraud committed in the South East Brighton News

LE South East is among the highest reported cases of online fraud in the country.

More than 53,000 online fraud offenses were committed in the region between 2019 and 2020.

London and the South East have the highest number of reported online fraud cases, with 65,824 and 53,317 cases, respectively.

In contrast, the West Midlands rank fifth with 31,034 cases. research analyzed data from the Office of National Statistics to reveal the prevalence of online fraud in the UK and in regions with the highest number of reported fraud cases.

James Padmore, head of money at, said there has been an increase in cybercrime over the past year.

He said: ‘Our research indicates that the consequences of these crimes affect victims both emotionally and financially, with £ 4.7bn having been stolen from UK residents by cybercrime last year.

“It is important to remain vigilant when communicating about your data online, such as login information, passwords and PIN codes.

“Typically, a bank will never ask you for your PIN, online banking passwords, or ask you to send any of your personal or banking information via email or text.

“Never share your contact details unless it is absolutely necessary. If something is wrong, it probably is.

68% of cybercrimes happened after the victim responded to fraudulent emails, texts and phone calls, which led to money being transferred to the fraudster.

There was a fairly even split between those who sent money in response to fraudulent communications (47%) and those who did not (53%).

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