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Prince Philip’s funeral: Today’s service will show how much the Duke of Edinburgh was involved in the planning | UK News

The royal family in recent years has had their difficulties.

It has been a week to put them aside as they have come together to remember their dad, their grandfather and their beloved husband.

Like all families, the funeral will be their chance to say goodbye – but they will be aware that, like so many royal events that have taken place in Windsor, the eyes of the world will be on them.

Details of where the royals will stand in the procession ahead of the Duke of Edinburgh's funeral
Details of the location of members of the royal family in the procession

Inevitably, this week the grieving family again sparked renewed interest in relationships and disagreements.

This naturally makes the family uncomfortable. This is one of the reasons the queen decided not to wear military uniforms to avoid it being a distraction. They want the only focus to be the man who has been such an influential presence in their entire lives.

And that’s why the funeral will be the ultimate tribute to Prince philip, although stripped down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a strange twist of fate, the restrictions mean it’s probably even more of the type of ceremony that the Duke would have liked.

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The military procession will always be striking, and an appropriate display for such an important national figure, but inside for the service itself, it will be his family who will make up the congregation: his wife, children and grandchildren who will sit. in the notebook, an intimate but ornate space next to the altar inside St George’s Chapel, mourning his death quietly together.

What will stand out from the funeral, from the music to the military procession, is how involved Prince Philip was in the planning.

The original touches, like the Land Rover he designed to carry his coffin, the fact that the bugles of the Royal Marines sound “action stations” at the end of the service, that …

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