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Prince Philip was a great innovator in the royal family. Who are the new trailblazers now? | UK News

Inside the castle grounds – as I watched Prince Philip’s coffin pass our studio in the back of the Land Rover – it was a poignant but quirky reminder that at the heart of the ceremony were the ideas of ‘a man who has not always loved. comply.

A chance to say a last farewell to the patriarch of the royal family, but also to a personality who has left his mark on the British monarchy forever.

The mix of military ceremony and more personal moments made me wonder if this might shape the plans and appearance of other future royal events, especially with his past track record of shaking things up.

Prince Philip's funeral list released

The world Prince Philip married into couldn’t have been more traditional. Yet it was he who had the idea to televise the coronation of the queen.

Then came the revolutionary 1960s and the family had to adapt more to integrate into a less respectful society.

Once again, The Duke of Edinburgh has led this change. He was the first royal to do a TV interview and pioneered the royal walkabout as a way to hang out and connect with people.

But unlike some public figures today, his appetite to question or challenge the status quo was never about his own image or his popularity gain – and it could be said with his personality. He never did or said things for fun.

Sometimes he could be blunt and outspoken, but that was often when he thought it would shake things up, especially if they were right for the monarchy.

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