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In the story of the very hungry caterpillar, with an ice cream cone, a pickle, a slice of Swiss cheese and salami, a lollipop, a wedge of cherry pie, a sausage, a cupcake and a slice of watermelon, our voracious protagonist devours a piece of chocolate cake.

It is perhaps no coincidence that the latter has become synonymous with insect (and vice versa), and subsequently that a sponge in the shape of a caterpillar is often the most familiar guest at birthdays and celebrations. offices across the country.

It’s also no wonder that the news of Marks & Spencer suing Aldi in an attempt to protect his Colin the Caterpillar cake has caused such an uproar.

The retailer accused the chain of relying on its reputation after Aldi started selling his own Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake, which looks great. But since M&S launched Colin (a sponge cake coated in buttercream chocolate, topped with candy and topped with a white chocolate smiley face) about 30 years ago, similar critters have emerged, and not just the German discount store.

From Cuthbert and Wiggles to Curly and Carl the unscathed caterpillar, there are cute-faced Swiss chocolate rolls in almost every supermarket – and each has a group of staunch and loyal supporters.

But how do they compare to each other? Does Colin hold the gold standard for sponge softness and edible bundle flavor? Are the glitter on Curly superior to the glitter on Morris?

While Aldi hasn’t stocked their Cuthbert cake since mid-February and therefore unfortunately wasn’t available for review, we’ve harvested the best of the rest and put it to the test.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-16 17:28:30