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COVID-19: 55 New Cases of Indian ‘Double Mutation’ Variant Discovered in UK Last Week | UK News

Another 55 cases of the “double mutation” variant of the coronavirus first detected in India were discovered in the UK in the week to April 21, Public Health England said.

It brings the total number of B.1.617 infections to 132, according to the latest figures.

The news comes a few hours before India added to England travel red list Friday, which means arrivals will now have to be quarantined at hotels.

Scientists are particularly concerned about the Indian variant because it contains two important changes of the spike protein, which could mean that vaccines are ineffective against it.

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One of the mutations of concern, called L452R, was also found in a variant circulating in California, although there is no connection between the viruses, as the Indian variant evolved independently.

The other mutation is completely new.

Laboratory tests show that both mutations help the virus infect human cells and escape certain antibodies.

This means it could bypass the immune system and make vaccines less effective.

The Indian variant is behind the current sharp rise in cases in India, where hospitals are overwhelmed and oxygen supplies are low.

Figures released on Thursday showed India had broken the record for the newest COVID cases per day – 314,835.

That number surpasses the previous record of 297,430 set by the United States in January.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi described the situation as a “COVID storm”.

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The deaths occurred after oxygen was cut off from a leaking tanker at a hospital in Nashik.

So far India has only …

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