Dog shot by farmer after killing six lambs in worrying sheep incident near Hebden Bridge Yorkshire News

West Yorkshire Police have confirmed that a farmer shot and killed a dog that attacked his cattle.

The moor near Hebden Bridge
The moor near Hebden Bridge

The dog had already killed six lambs before the farmer intervened to prevent further loss of life on a farm in the Hebden Bridge area on Wednesday.

Farmers are legally allowed to shoot dogs that concern their livestock, as long as they have a valid firearms license.

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There have already been several incidents involving dogs attacking sheep in Yorkshire this spring.

In February, a husky owner had to pay vet bills after the dog bit two sheep in a field in Dunnington, near York, after running through an electric fence to gain access.

The same month, a woman escaped the scene after her dog attacked sheep in the town of Drax, near Selby, despite being challenged by a farm worker.

And in March, a pregnant sheep had to be euthanized after being mutilated by a dog near Danby on the North York Moors.

Dogs should always be leashed around livestock and owners should be aware that they have a natural instinct to chase, even when they are typically obedient, and may not respond to calls to return.

Anyone with information about the Hebden Bridge attack should contact West Yorkshire Police by quoting the reference number 13210196782.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-22 14:08:42