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MI5 Launches Instagram Account To “Reach New Ways” | UK News

MI5 has launched an official Instagram account in an effort to be more open about its work.

The account – @ mi5official – will reveal never-before-seen archives, show online Q&A with on-duty intelligence officers, and promote career opportunities.

Historical exhibits from the MI5 museum, located in the basement of the agency’s London headquarters, will also be shared for the first time.

In October, the new chief executive, Ken McCallum, said he wanted MI5 to “open up and open new avenues”, especially in communicating with a younger audience.

“Much of what we do should remain invisible, but what we are should not be,” he said.

“In fact, openness is the key to our future success.”

In the Daily Telegraph on Thursday, he said: “In an increasingly open and connected world, MI5 and any forward-thinking intelligence organization face a dilemma.

“On the one hand, our ability to serve the public and ensure the security of the country depends crucially on our secret activities.

“But the other half of the dilemma is that MI5’s ability to keep the country safe and resilient also depends on our contact with others who can help us, and which we in turn can help.”

“We owe it to the public to constantly strive to learn and improve; and in our rapidly changing world, with technology advancing at an incredible rate, it would be dangerous to imagine that MI5 can develop all the capabilities it needs in its own bubble. . “

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This notice was published: 2021-04-21 23:38:00