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Boris Johnson Says ‘You’ve Lost Your Mind’ If You Think Dyson’s Texts Was ‘Questionable’ | Political news

The Prime Minister said “you’ve lost your mind” if you think there is “something dubious” about his texts with billionaire Sir James Dyson.

Boris Johnson renewed its defense of its communications with the contractor on securing ventilators during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The BBC reported earlier this week that the Prime Minister promised Sir James to ‘fix’ a staff tax problem working to develop fans in the early days of the COVID-19[female[feminine pandemic.

File photo dated 23/03/15 of Sir James Dyson.  Downing Street has announced it will post correspondence between Boris Johnson and Sir James Dyson "soon".  Downing Street said an investigation had been opened into how text messages between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Sir James Dyson had been leaked.  Issue date: Thursday, April 22, 2021.
Sir James said it was ‘absurd to suggest’ his company was doing anything other than trying to follow the rules

“If you think there is anything questionable about trying to secure more ventilators during a pandemic, I think you are out of your mind,” Mr Johnson said.

“I think Tony Blair said any PM would have done the same, when you’re faced with a pandemic, and as far as we know, ventilators were the only way to help people.

“Of course it was fair to say to the manufacturers ‘come on, see how many fans you can build,’ 22,000 more fans, and that was described by workers as a benchmark in government procurement.”

The Prime Minister said the government would release contacts with Sir James later on Friday.

And he dismissed the suggestions he needed to rethink the way people communicated with him, responding, “I need to stay in touch with people.”

Sir James said it was “absurd to suggest” that his company was doing anything other than trying to follow the rules.

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