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Thousands of homes planned in North Somerset Bath City News

New documents show where more than 20,000 homes could be built in North Somerset by 2038.

Weston-super-Mare would take the largest share, with some 3,000, followed by 1,500 in Nailsea, and a total of 1,000 in Yatton and Backwell, as well as large sites in all four towns and small “bargain” locations. .

North Somerset Council will take a sequential approach, with the top priority being to ensure that the 3,600 homes it has already awarded are built.

But the estimated total is nearly 6,000 houses below the target and the council will have to ask neighboring authorities to take over or consider building in the green belt.

The new local plan’s approach is expected to be approved by members of the executive next week.

Articles published ahead of the meeting state: “The most sustainable growth model for North Somerset will likely result in the main areas of new growth generally being in Weston-super-Mare (primarily a strategic opportunity north of the A371 and east of M5) and Nailsea.

“There may be opportunities for an appropriate scale of growth in one or two larger villages with good public transport connectivity such as Yatton and Backwell, but elsewhere in rural areas development will be limited to avoid development models. not durable.

“Taken together, these locations are unlikely to be sufficient to meet housing needs, hence the need to consider green belt opportunities.

“However, even taking into account the large sustainable and deliverable locations in the Green Belt that are aligned with the spatial strategy and strategic priorities, this is unlikely to fully meet the government’s housing needs and is therefore likely that unmet housing needs remain in North Somerset. ”

This unmet need means that the council will have to work with neighboring authorities without the constraints of the green belt and flood-prone areas to provide the necessary housing and infrastructure.

The four strategies envisioned in the new North Somerset Council local plan

The strategy comes after residents backed the focus of growth on urban areas and protecting the green belt in a recent consultation, whose analysis showed the most sustainable options were the most sustainable. Officers said the new autonomous communities, far from services, facilities and jobs and difficult to access with efficient public transport, are a much less sustainable option.

To meet the target of 20,085 new homes by 2038, 1,339 would need to be built each year. The current average rate is only 808 per year.

Here is how housing would be prioritized as part of a strategy to be approved by members of management:

Build the 3,600 homes with a building permit Examine the opportunities in the four cities – around 2,000 at the identified sites and 1,725 ​​through a small-scale windfall Build around 3,000 homes in Weston, where the main opportunity is a potential growth site in north of the A371 and east of the M5 linked to the delivery of the Banwell bypass, and approximately 1,500 housing units in Nailsea Consider other sustainable settlements with good accessibility and services, with potential development in Yatton and Backwell amounting to approximately 1000 houses in total Development in most villages will be limited and limited to local opportunities, especially where they meet the needs of the community. The small windfall in rural areas is expected to be around 900 homes. A limited number of allowances in larger villages could include some 500 additional dwellings. Before using the land in the green belt, the council should consider the potential opportunities in neighboring areas through the obligation to cooperate. If more land is needed, the last step will be to consider a limited number of opportunities. sustainable and deliverables of the green belt well linked to urban areas. The board will need to demonstrate “exceptional circumstances” to approve development in the green belt. He said he could assess land within Colliters Way and large locations bordering Bristol, Nailsea and Portishead.

The executive will meet on April 28 to agree on general locations for housing and submit them for further testing and evaluation.

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