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COVID: 19: A summer without a mask on the cards, as vaccines take control of the pandemic, experts say | UK News

The public should be able to ditch face masks over the summer, as vaccines do the heavy lifting to control COVID-19, experts have said.

The fourth stage of the government’s roadmap for England currently stipulates that all legal limits on social contact will be removed no earlier than June 21, when restrictions on major events such as festivals are also expected to end. ‘mitigate.

Scientists advising the government say there is currently nothing in the data to suggest that people will not be able to enjoy a relatively normal summer, although coronavirus cases may well increase as fall approaches.

The four stages of lifting the lockdown in England
England head to fourth leg of lockdown lift

Asked about wearing the mask in the coming months, a source said the vaccines worked so well and, coupled with good absorption, things would return to a much more normal life in the summer months, with cases dropping very low in May.

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However, masks and possibly other measures may be needed next fall and winter if cases increase, they said.

Nevertheless, the general opinion of scientific advisers is that the peak of cases in winter will be lower than in the past, due to the high levels of immunity and vaccination.

Close-up of face masks on the production line at the Detmold PPE production plant in Brompton, Adelaide, Monday June 22, 2020. The new Adelaide plant manufactures medical grade face masks and has already produced more than 'a million.  (AAP Image / David Mariuz) NO ARCHIVE ** STRICTLY EDITORIAL USE ONLY *
However, don’t throw away your masks just yet – they will definitely be needed again in the fall. Pic: AP

What happens will depend on people’s behavior as well as measures such as increased indoor ventilation, good hand hygiene, and whether people self-isolate when showing symptoms – considered essential to controlling the spread. .

But the source also said the UK should abandon its culture of ‘presenteeism’ and get to work when unwell, preferring instead to stay home when sick.

There should soon be a relaxation of measures for all age groups, they said, including those who …

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