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European Super League: Only a total overhaul at the top will satisfy these Manchester United fans | UK News

Two men wave bright yellow T-shirts, trying to get the attention of protesters gathered around the United’s Trinity statue.

“Take your Glazers Out shirt,” one shouted, reading the hashtag printed on the back of the clothes.

“Are you selling them?” comes a question from the crowd.

“So shame on you for trying to profit from this demonstration.”

People have been seen selling shirts for the protests
People have been seen selling shirts for the protests

This sums up the feeling of many Manchester United fans, who this week forced their club out of the hapless European Super League (ESL), accusing club owners of greed and eliciting an apology from Joel Glazer.

It is the latest in a series of grievances they have against the Glazer family, who has owned the club for 16 years after the late Malcolm Glazer gradually bought out its shareholders.

Upon his death, his United property was divided among his children – including Joel.

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Unaffordable ticket prices, lack of consultation with fans and neglect of the stadium – complaints perhaps familiar with fans of other English football clubs as well, but the Glazers are accused of giving United fans a cold shoulder.

“It was the first time Joel Glazer communicated with United fans in 16 years. Sixteen years of nothing,” said Krishnan, as the crowd around him grew.

There are over 300 protesters here now and all of a sudden I can feel my skin burning, but it’s not sunshine. Someone passing by has just lit a flare and the embers are moving towards us.

Flares have been set off outside Old Trafford
Flares have been set off outside Old Trafford

“I have been United since 1956,” said a man in a United jersey from the 2001-02 season.

“It’s about time someone brought up the pests at the club.”

Now there are a dozen flares, green and yellow – a nod to …

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