Kids playhouses: the best outdoor playhouses for kids, from Smoby, Little Tikes, Argos and TP Bedford News

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It is the firm belief of the Recommended section that, deep down, everyone wants a performance hall. A small shed to dream, spend hours of rest, share good times with friends or read a book alone – happiness.

And while we do admit that the adult equivalent of a performance hall – the blessed shed – may not be practical for many of us, either financially, in terms of physical space, or in terms of people. we cohabit with (who may be jealous of the above. giving your children their own safe haven to play is much easier to obtain, and likely to meet with universal eagerness in the household.

We’ve found our favorite playhouses – wood, plastic and tents, to let your child spend their days having fun, while you watch and vibrate in the vicarious pleasure of knowing they have their own corner of the house. world. dream.

TP Wooden Multiplayer Playhouse

This wooden playhouse comes in 3 packs with each piece well labeled for easy assembly which will take around 3 hours. You will end up with a sturdy little castle for your child.

Perfect for kids with energy to burn: there’s a patio, ladder, slide, and shaded sandbox. Made from FSC certified wood, which can hold up to 150kg, many children can climb on it.

Key specs: Size H224, W261, D142cm, weight 63.5kg, wood, suitable for ages 3 and up

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Multicolored play tent Djeco

Multicolored play tent Djeco

A play tent has the advantage of being able to be safely stored when not in use, as well as the ability to be carried for days, while still providing children with space to organize and play and stay at home. sheltered from the sun.

This sunny offering from JoJo Maman Bebe is brightly colored, with windows and an easy-to-open roll-up door for ventilation. Ideal for toddlers and elementary school children.

Key specs: 6.9 x 8.2 x 1.9cm, polyester, suitable for ages 3 and up

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Little Tikes Cape Cottage

This pretty plastic playhouse is full of thoughtful details to keep a little one entertained.

The Little Tikes Cape Cottage is entered through an arched door, with a mail slot in the door (write and “ mail ” a letter to your child in the mailbox, to find in their hut and, trust us, they will be delighted), functional window shutters and brick-style walls.

It’s a snap to assemble – less than an hour of work – and light enough to roam the yard at will.

Key specs: Size H124.5, W89, D109.2cm, weight 13.32kg, plastic, suitable for ages 2 and up

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TP Meadow Cottage Playhouse and Kitchen

This pretty little house – which you have to assemble yourself – will delight your child, you just need to make a little effort in its preparation.

Take the time to treat the wood and paint it with two coats of paint, before assembly, and it will look fabulous and last wonderfully. We also recommend roofing felt if you want to waterproof it. The set itself comes with stencils to help you personalize, and we guarantee little kids will love playing with the ‘mud kitchen’.

Key specs: pine and spruce, size H140, W99, D131cm, weight 50kg, suitable for ages 3 and up

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Small Beach House playhouse by Win Green

The toddler beach play tent is beautifully designed for girls and boys – with a gorgeous sailing boat, lighthouse, lounge chair – even a cup of tea is waiting for you inside.

Easy to assemble and made of quality materials, this is a gem, lightweight tent / house that they can enjoy inside and out. A word of warning, however – it is not waterproof, so it should be stored in a safe place.

Key specs: Made from 100% hand-woven cotton, 110cm H x 74cm W x L, suitable for ages 2 and up

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Chef Smoby’s house and kitchen

Chef Smoby’s house and kitchen

A burgeoning chef or potential business captain in your household? They’ll love this Smoby Chef House and Kitchen, a plastic playhouse with an open front to let your little ones spend hours playing.

The light and airy restaurant has a realistic fridge, oven, sink, cash register, kitchen utensil and grill with alleged flames. Children can write down their menu and opening hours on the removable slate, before opening the service shutters and greeting their guests.

Key specs: 135cmH X 132cmW X 123cm D, Plastic, suitable for 2 years +

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Jace playhouse

“In a crooked house lived a” – happy child, we bet, with this frankly spectacular little house. It’s big – almost two yards by two yards – you’ll need a decent sized rear garden for that.

But it’s a sleek, modern wooden house (with a nice number of accessories – a picnic table, letterbox, flower box, if you like) with a semi door and window. flyers, both of which can be opened to enjoy the sun. Crazy, but in which children can play for years.

Key specs: 174cm H x 193cm W x 220cm D Overall product weight: 138.9kg Weatherproof, suitable for four children ages 3-13.

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Shire 6 X 4ft Control Station Wood Cabin with Water Gun Ports

If you live with scamps who love to play Commando, they’ll lose their minds because of this ‘Command Post’ performance hall.

Water gun ports close when not in use, and the spacious cabin is ideal for your youngsters to plan their strategic attacks for the ultimate water combat attack. It is unstained and unpainted, so you will need to add the camouflage yourself before you let your kids experience their Rambo role play. We are assertive pacifists here, but we can’t deny the dizzying joy of a good fighting game.

Key specs: D: 119 cm x H: 168 cm x W: 179 cm, Weight: 188 kg, Softwood from mixed species, suitable for children aged 3 and over

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Chad Wendy Valley Foldable Playhouse

Perfect if you don’t have a lot of space or want a permanent playhouse, this playhouse can be set up in minutes and then put away just as easily.

While not as sturdy as a permanent playhouse, its roof doubles as a collapsible carrying case when the house is out of use, so you make up for the lack of sturdiness with portability. It’s very spacious inside and a fun little hobbit hole for little kids.

Key specs: Size H111, W90, D102cm, weight 9.7kg, resin, suitable for 2+

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TP Pirate Galleon wooden playhouse

Not a traditional performance venue, no, but we can’t resist a shout at this fabulous Pirate Galleon playhouse, the perfect place for young imaginations to run wild.

With a cabin, board and captain’s sails, it is ideal for hours of play. Made from FSC certified lumber, it is backed by a five year warranty against wood rot.

Key specs: 171cm W x 272cm D: Height to rear railing 140cm: Maximum height 206cm, wood, suitable for ages 3 and up

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Flower and Butterfly Wigwam Play Tent

A nice little wigwam for your little ones to enjoy the languid summer days. Made of natural cotton canvas, it is decorated with butterflies and flowers, for a sunny and pretty atmosphere. It’s very easy and quick to assemble – around 10 minutes – so you can relegate it to the bedroom when the sky is gray.

Key specs: 190cm H x 140cm W x 140cm D, 4.5kg, fabric and plastic, suitable for ages 3 and up

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