Trading Standards issues Royal Mail scam warning for UK customers Brighton News

A new warning about a Royal Mail scam has been issued by Trading Standards.

The scam sees fraudsters attempting to steal bank details by sending a fake text message.

This has led to many accounts of victims – including one graduate who lost thousands.

Trading Standards said the scam is still ongoing.

Argus: Hoax texts were followed by malicious emails - and business standards issued a new warning Hoax texts were followed by malicious emails – and business standards issued a new warning

One of their Twitter accounts said: “Beware of this #scam text pretending to be Royal Mail, it’s not Royal Mail. Don’t click on the link.”

The scam is a text message, claiming to be from Royal Mail.

It tells recipients: “Royal Mail: Your package has an unpaid shipping charge of £ 2.99.”

It then prompts recipients to click on a link, with a “pay this NOW please visit” appearing at the end of the message.

But Royal Mail has confirmed that the link will take you to a broken site.

The website can then be used by crooks to get your contact details.

Royal Mail Tips:

How to spot a fake email

Check up. Scammers often use impersonal and general topics or greetings, such as “Attention the Royal Mail Customer”.

They may use a spoofed email address in the “from” field like “”.

They can even use the Royal Mail logo.

The sender, subject, and content may change slightly, but often they:

  • indicate that there is a package awaiting collection
  • request payment before an item can be released for delivery
  • prompts you to open a link or document
  • asks you to send an SMS or call a premium rate phone number

Protect your information

Never send sensitive, personal information, security details or credit card numbers via email

Never click on a link in an email if you are not sure, especially if it asks for personal financial information, it could attempt to install malware on your computer.

Make sure you have a spam filter on your email account

Report potential scams

If you receive a suspicious email or discover a Royal Mail branded website that you believe to be fraudulent, let us know by filling out an online form.

If you’ve been the victim of a payment scam, you can get a crime reference number by reporting it to your local police station.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-24 03:00:00