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Endcliffe Park “much better” this morning with barely any litter in sight UK News

Wayne Howarth, who usually works at Graves Park but looks after Endcliffe on weekends, said the condition of the park this morning was “much better” than in previous weeks.

Previously, the level of trash in the park in the morning after sunny days sparked outrage as hundreds of people who turned out to be enjoying the weather left behind piles of trash, barbecues, take-out packaging and beer bottles.

After a very hot day on March 30, volunteers were left to help the council by picking up seven tons of trash, and large trash cans were placed in the park to try to deter people from leaving their trash in piles at the to come up.

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A clean Endcliffe park this morning (April 24).
A clean Endcliffe park this morning (April 24).

With yesterday’s (April 24) temperatures hitting the highest so far this year, there were concerns that Sunday was a repeat of days gone by.

Fortunately, it was not. At 7 a.m. this morning, there was hardly any litter in sight.

“I walked around the corner and thought, ‘oh no, how’s gonna be this time,’ ‘Howarth said.

A clean Endcliffe park this morning (April 24).

“But when I got here it was like today. The trash cans are working. It’s good.

“There were just three of the big bins that were rolled together that I need to get back to where they were.

“I left here around 8pm last night and it was good then, and when I got here today it was the same.

“I am delighted. It is much better compared to what it has been the last few weeks.”

The state of the park on the morning of March 31 sparked outrage among local residents.

Following the level of trash in March, some residents have called for the park to be closed overnight to prevent this from happening in the future.

Susan Tester, a disappointed resident, said, “We live in the most beautiful part of the country and that’s what they do.

“They should close the park if people can’t behave. I can not believe.

Jeanette Taylor added: “It’s shocking. How can they generate so much waste?

“It’s a public space, so you can’t stop people from coming, but it’s not necessary, is it?”

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