Drusillas Park welcomes a baby colobus monkey Brighton News

ANIMAL lovers have the opportunity to name the latest arrival from a zoo.

Drusillas Park, Alfriston announced the birth of a baby colobus monkey.

The tiny “bundle of mischief” is only nine days old and already delights eagle-eyed visitors.

Colobus Monkey, Makena, takes care of his new arrival day and night.

This is Makena’s third baby in less than two years and she has already called on her two Yoyos and Romeo to help her take care of the baby.

Now zookeepers eager to name the baby are asking the public for help with suggestions.

A Facebook contest to name the little monkey was launched on Friday, April 23 and will end at noon today, with the winning name announced shortly thereafter.

According to the zoo, name suggestions should be neutral, as the monkey is too young to have sex at the moment, so keepers won’t be able to determine its gender for some time.

Anyone looking for a chance to win should head over to the Drusillas Facebook page on Friday to find out how to enter at

Manager Sophie Leadbitter said: “We are very happy. It’s great to have another baby in the colobus family. He or she, we don’t know which one yet, is so handsome and can be seen hanging on Mama Makena as she jumps around the enclosure.

“Our visitors love to see the babies at the zoo, so if you come to Drusillas keep your eyes peeled for a baby monkey in the colobus enclosure.

“Unlike their black and white parents, colobus babies are completely white everywhere, so they’re easy to spot!

“Their black fur doesn’t start to grow until later.”

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This notice was published: 2021-04-26 03:00:00