The Institute for Fiscal Studies says the increase in inheritance will affect social mobility. What is the solution? Business News


It would be wonderful if all men and women were truly created equal, but they are not. Not really. Inequalities are cooked from birth, with a child’s future success largely dependent on his parents’ income, which is nourished by his health, his education, his ability to access higher education and, in turn. ultimately, the jobs he finds himself in. in.

Social mobility is a good idea in theory, but it’s less common in practice than our leaders like to claim – or have you ever wondered why the government benches are full of posh-voiced posh boys?

This brings us to the subject of the legacy which, according to some fascinating research published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) today, is becoming increasingly important as a driver of inequality.

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This notice was published: 2021-04-25 23:01:00