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‘Amazing’ Eight-Year-Old Gives Praise After Calmly Calling 999 and Directing Firefighters to House Fire | UK News

An eight-year-old was praised for his composure after calling 999 and successfully guiding fire crews to a neighbor’s house on fire.

Cody Peterson was told to call emergency services by his parents as they rushed to try and help their neighbors after a fire broke out at their home in Watford.

“Unbelievable” Cody knew exactly what to do, kept his cool and guided emergency services to the site of the blaze, where three teams battled the flames.

The incident happened around 7 p.m. on March 18 and saw Cody show “incredible presence of mind,” according to Hertfordshire County Council Fire Chief Darryl Keen.

He said: “Under the pressure of an emergency like this, we have a lot of callers who have a hard time relaying this information accurately, but Cody was amazing. He should be extremely proud of himself.”

Fortunately, the resident of the burning house was outside at the time and was later found to safety.

Cody’s parents, Jo and Ray Peterson, had rushed onto the property with a fire extinguisher and crowbar, but quickly found the fire was too big for them to deal with.

“We were all in a panic except for Cody really. He took it all in his stride,” Ms. Peterson said. “We always let him know what to do in an emergency, but he never had to practice it until tonight.

“He was really calm. When I came back a few minutes later, he was still on the phone – and was still chatting with them and telling them what was going on.

“We were really, really proud of him that night, so proud of him.”

Cody, of Cardiff Road, Watford, received a “Certificate of Excellence” from the fire department following his call.

Mr Keen added: “Cody’s superb call skills showed maturity beyond his years and impressed us with the way he listened and calmly answered our questions in what was a potentially situation. deadly.

“He was able to provide us with an address and exactly …

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