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COVID-19: Number 10 does not deny claim the PM said he would rather ‘let the coronavirus tear up’ rather than have another lockdown | Political news

Boris Johnson’s spokesperson did not deny claims that the Prime Minister told his aides in Downing Street last year that he would rather let the coronavirus ‘tear up’ rather than impose a second lockdown.

According to the Times, the Prime Minister allegedly argued in September that there was no evidence the locks were working and called them “crazy”.

The newspaper reported that Mr Johnson has repeatedly stated that he would rather ‘leave (coronavirus) rip “during this period than to implement another foreclosure, due to the harm to businesses and people’s livelihoods.

Front page of The Times 04/27/21
Front page of The Times 04/27/21

The new allegations about how the Prime Minister handled the COVID-19[female[feminine the crisis comes a day later Mr Johnson was forced to publicly deny he said in October he would rather “let the bodies pile up in the thousands” rather than impose another lockdown.

The Prime Minister and Number 10 were blunt in their denial of the comments, which were published by the Daily Mail on Monday and later corroborated by the BBC.

But, on Tuesday, Downing Street was less clear on the Times report.

Mr Johnson’s official spokesperson said: ‘I have seen the various reports and speculations which distort the actions of the Prime Minister.

“At all times, he has focused on saving lives and livelihoods.”

Asked twice, the spokesperson did not offer a denial.

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